Monday, 30 July 2007

Monday Moon

In 8 hours time, i'd be playing badminton with a couple of my colleagues but i've to be careful not to overdo it. my right knee has been acting up again and its impeding on my training for 2.4 and 10 km runs.
No dinner plans as the game will end late and there's much to do since i've yet finished with the tagging of the documenta works on my flickr page. maybe i'll call it documenta:documented....4 more locations to go. I hope i'll be able to get local art teachers to view the works and use them in their lessons (IP issues...err hiaks!).

my nanotank on my office desk too needs a change of water and i've yet had the time to change the filtering medium. the inhabitants seemed ok still but the plants have started to turn my tank into a jungle, creating so much shade that the bottom feeders seem to feed under 'moonlight'.

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Pete said...

Hi Wilkie,

I really like your nanotank, how big is it? I think its a great idea to use the documenta material for art teachers - was there a central theme for the exhibition..

Picked up an article this morning about an updated social networking site called Plazes.
It picks up the global mapping element that has potential for our sort of work.

Best Wishes
Pete 8.22am