Monday, 21 September 2009

A msg for Pete (cos i cldnt get you on your uniservity acct)

hi pete!

hope you have been well. r you still globetrottering under uniservity's banner?

so sorry for the long radio silence. so much had happened since we last met. i'm now a father of a 9 mth old gal and i've also currently relocated to melbourne and shld be here for the next couple of years. i have, however, left the ministry of education...gonna take a break from the rigidity of civil service and head back to school to feel young again!
so yah, i may be doing a postgrad in education & ICT in uni of melb next year.

as part of my postgrad studies, i am thinking of doing some research on the state of ict in education in melbourne/australia at large and particularly on the takeup rate, challenges and successes for an international vendor like uniservity in the aussie ict landscape. hence i am wondering if you'd be so kind to point me out to someone i can talk to over here regarding these. i understand that uniservity is pretty established here and has a melbourne city office.

hope to hear from you and if you'd be in this part of the world, let's meet up for a drink! :)#

take care.

wilkie :)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

2 years on


2 years is a long time to be away from this blog...i guess u guys had since moved on....strange to revisit traces on cyberspace....
i had since gotten my 1st child, a lovely lil gal called Avery, who's now 3 mth+.
i hope you guys, if you're still revisiting, are well.
i'll soon be moving to Melbourne for the next 3 me at

Take care!