Thursday, 9 August 2007

Multi- tasking Craft

All day today I have been using a computer to word process a guidebook about Virtual Learning Environments.

At times like this, I ‘multi-task’, because when repetitive tasks are being accomplished, new thoughts magically materialise to distract or entertain.
My new thought was - What value do we place today on past experiences and skill sets?

My example was - In art and design terms, there are many? pre – digital ‘revolution’ professionals / artists, still using cine film and chemical photography who are experimenting and developing their use of the medium in new ways.

My second level thoughts / questions were: Are there still new?? – techniques, creative outcomes waiting to be found in pre – digital media?
Lost opportunities…

I think that hand based skills are disappearing in some parts of the world, due to computer based methods..... so we should develop strategies to develop the interface between past experiences and skills with new media.

New task - try writing a letter on a plain white piece of paper with an ink pen…
I can't do this anymore

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