Thursday, 2 August 2007

Bubbling epoxy

in 8 hours time, i wish the floor will stop bubbling. i have no idea what's happening to this epoxy coat...kept having pockets of bubbles appearing. the renovation contractor had to rework the floor cos the problem surfaced 2 weeks ago but till today the problem persisted. when punctured, blackish liquid oozes out. perhaps there'd been a problem with the cement flooring underneath or the paint itself.

yes in 8 hours time, i wish i'd have a clue what else i could do. so that i can then plan on when to finish off the rest of the apartment, fix up the furniture, install my 42" plasma tv and move in. maybe its a crazy Singaporean thing where 'ownership' of a roof over our heads are regarded to be extremely important particularly after marriage. a sense of pride and security i guess but at a cost. a cost that sometimes hurt my pockets dearly.

so yah i guess i won't be watching programmes on my plasma in the next 8 hours.....

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