Monday, 22 October 2007

Dan Dare - timezones

In Birmingham City Centre there is a small area designated for development nearby the 'so called' Jewellery Quarter. There was a Science Museum and all that is left now is the building in the picture.

My grandfather was a fine metal engraver and he worked for most of his life in a workshop in the city, I never traced where - maybe it was that building, who knows. I walked down the canal path on Sunday and took this picture - it was a dark frightening place with inky black water disappearing into hellish circular canal wells - I returned to my car feeling as if I had been in a dream.

I remembered my last visit to the science museum, where I recorded an old piece of machinary with my Canon Ion Still Video Camera,colour re-processed it through my Acorn Pineapple Colour Digitiser, calling it Dan Dare after my boyhood cartoon hero from the Eagle Comic.

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